Repairs, i
nstallations and rigging for 
poles, lyras, aerial silks, hammocks & bungee
n the home, studio or competition venue

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Pole Sport

Our latest design allows poles to be installed or removed WITHOUT ANY tools or ladder.  Coupled with our awesome, easy to use, dynamic and static mechanism in the base, makes it one of the best designs yet.

Once removed, the pole can be safely and securely stored in the corner of the room, using the pole clamp. If removing the pole isn't an option, we can install a hinge onto the ceiling which allows the pole to tuck away, again, WITHOUT ANY tools.

The tuck away hinge can be fitted to any pole available in SA or the world. 


    Our Offerings.....

  • Dance Poles (Standard & Competition Spec) 38, 42, & 45mm
  • Flying Poles (With/Without Silicone Sleeve) 38, 42, Or 45mm
  • Silicone Sleeve Conversions To Existing Poles
  • Tuck Away Hinge Systems For Ceiling Storage Of Dance Poles
  • Bearings & Repairs To Any Pole Brand, Local Or International
  • Brass 2-Piece Dance Pole
  • Chrome 1-Piece Dance Pole
  • Removable Dance Pole Conversions To Any Pole Brand, Local Or International


Lyra's are filled with a dense liquid which dries inside the tube. This allows the lyra to be weighted at the bottom third of the hoop in order to be the correct weight for lyra competition requirement.

Many competitors make hoops cheaper but there is a reason why. Circus aerial acts dont require weighted hoops, and many manufacturers sell these hoops to lyra competitors. A lyra that is too light can flip too easily causing injury. Also, a competitor training on a light hoop will get to competition and not place anywhere due to the competition hoop being too heavy to handle/ work with.


    Our Offerings.....

  • Lyras (circus & competition spec)
  • Swivel bearing and fixed point systems for lyra, hammocks and aerial silks
  • Lollipop lyra add-on to stage base pole system


We assemble and install swivel bearing assemblies to allow lyra's to be attached. These can be installed into any ceiling type or overhead frame

Swivel bearing assemblies can also be installed for use with silks.

The type of ceiling determines what type of fitment system is installed to hold the swivel bearing. The swivel bearing is equipped with all the safety measures necessary for aerial acts and is the lowest/thinnest swivel bearing assembly available, where a single carabiner can be used to minimize height loss from ceiling to hoop.

Slings are also available in ANY length needed and any colour. These are certified at 3 tons.

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       Our Offerings.....

  • Ballet Bars With Fold Away Bracket
  • mirrors and Crash Mats
  • Bespoke design
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About Us - (word)Design

With the introduction to the pole and aerial fitness industry,

the drive to manufacture & install the best & safest products,

was born.

Designs are continually undergoing advancements, based on

input from awesome customers, and homework being carried

out in the industry.

These revolutionary designs are made possible through a close

collaboration with my highly qualified engineer.

With a 20 year background in the automotive industry, I am passionate about mechanical ingenuity and creating the highest quality products and solutions.
With all the years of installations and manufacture in the pole industry, I am constantly reviewing and optimizing all services and products. You can always expect a personal, engaged and high quality product from The Pole Guy.
- Vince, Founder

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